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Tinmel or Tin Mal is a small mountain village in the High Atlas 100 km from Marrakesh, Morocco. The Tin Mal Mosque is a mosque located in the High Atlas mountains of North Africa. It was built in 1156 to commemorate the founder of the Almohad dynasty, Mohamed Ibn Tumart. The edifice is one of the two mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims, the other being the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. (except on Fridays).


Your driver will pick you up from your Riad/hotel in Marrakesh at 08:30am, and you will depart towards the High Atlas Mountains. We may stop on the way at an argan oil co-operative where the ladies will show you how they grind argan nuts to produce oil and other related cosmetic argan products Morocco is famous for.

When we reach Tinmel, you will discover the fortress (and one-time state treasury) with its high walls and strong towers, the sole survivor of the 12th-century city built by the founder of the Almohad (Unitarian) dynasty, Mehdi Ibn Toumarte.

Tinmel was the place where the Berber Almohad empire started their military campaigns against the Almoravids in the early 12th century. Along the river tribal Kasbah of the old feudal chief Sultan Caid Goundafa, The inner part of the Kasbah decaying palace-fortress with storks nesting on the walls, still retains traces of its decoration Hispano Original Arabesque and seems to have been built either at the end of the 17th century (or the end of the 19th century).

The Tinmel mosque was recently renovated and is a model of the Almoahade art. On the way back, we stop at Ouirgane, for your lunch before exploring the area further, either by car or on foot. Then we continue our journey back to Marrakesh.